Finally it’s here!

The most important paleo-thing I’ve ever written since How to Properly Restore the Winged Arms of Aviremigians - Final Corrections. An entire post about pterosaur  wings: shapes, colours, pycnofibres, thigh or ankle attachment, uropatagium and folding. Or, to put in another way: What You wanted to know about Pterosaur Wings but You’ve Never Asked!

You can read it here: http://ktboundary-smnt2000.blogspot.it/2013/12/what-you-wanted-to-know-about-pterosaur.html

You don’t have the faintest idea how much work did I put in it. Let’s just say that I published a rough version of it around early December. So, like 9-10 months in development. Of course it will be a huge amount of crap since I’m not a paleontologist, but I tried to do my best.

Try to enjoy it!

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Day 27: They have finally accepted me as one of their own. No one suspects a thing.


Day 27: They have finally accepted me as one of their own. No one suspects a thing.

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Marine Reptile Month #18 — Plotosaurus

Late Cretaceous period (72-66 mya)

Plotosaurus was one of the most “advanced” mosasaurs in terms of anatomical adaptations, with a highly streamlined body and a large tail fin enabling it to swim at high speeds as a pursuit predator. It grew to lengths of between 9 and 13m (25’6”-42’8”), and probably fed on fish, ammonites, smaller marine reptiles, and aquatic birds — swallowing them almost whole thanks to snake-like flexible jaws.

And, yes, mosasaurs almost certainly had forked tongues. Based on their evolutionary relationships to varanoids and snakes, it’s also possible that they might have been venomous, too.

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These are a few of my favorites from my thesis that I never got around to posting from earlier this year. 

Oh wow thesis?! I wonder what it was about specifically?

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can we take a moment to appreciate how HUGE kakapos are

big chubby parrot BABIES 

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