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here’s michael and his brother yelling at each other for two minutes enjoy


transcript (as much as i could decipher, bolded my favorite):
michael: *sighs*
brother: shut up up there!
michael: shut up!
brother: mom said shut up!
michael: shut up! i’m making my Youtube video! shut up.
brother: mom’s shows is on.
michael: (to camera) hang on. (to brother) shut up, you’re going to fuck it up! don’t touch that.
brother: listen, i’m going to drink this -
michael: don’t touch that Capri Sun! that’s mine -
brother no!
michael: no that’s mine, i bought that.
brother: no no, those are all gone this one’s different.
michael: no, i bought that. respect the pouch! respect it!
brother: you don’t even have money!
michael: shut up! shut up.
brother: go back to your room.
michael: go downstairs. shut up.
brother: shut up!
michael: shut up. go downstairs.
brother: her show’s on.
michael: shut up! shut up!! fucking idiot. i’m gonna punch you in the face while you’re sleepin’!
brother: fuck you.
michael: (to camera) if you said that you skipped it, then you’re lying.
brother: *ineligible yelling*
michael: shut up! stop!
brother: listen, you don’t even like-
michael: i’ma - stop!
brother: asshole.
michael: shut up! i’m gonna delete your World of Warcraft character if you don’t shut up.
brother: i’ll fucking tell mom. i’ll tell her about those magazines you have under your -
michael: shut up! you better shut up before i make it worse.
[something is thrown at michael]
michael: god, go fucking-
brother: there’s tissues for your fucking cry baby bullshit!
michael: don’t throw stuff! you’re gonna break my camera!
brother: shut up. it’s not even your camera, it’s mom’s.
michael shut up. she said i could use it. shut up!
brother: *ineligible yelling about a Capri Sun*
michael: shut the fuck up. i’m gonna fucking break - (to camera) you’re going to see a video of me breaking his fucking skull open all over the concrete.
brother: i know kung fu, asshole.
michael: he doesn’t know kung fu. he doesn’t fucking know kung fu.
brother: i do know kung fu!
michael: he watched Kung Fu Panda five fucking times and he thinks he knows kung fu.
brother: shut up! it’s fucking real.
michael: it’s a stupid movie.
brother: it’s fucking real.
michael: (to camera) oh fucking - i fucking beat that bitch. (to brother) come here, (ineligible), you son of a bitch!!
brother: give me the Capri Sun! give it to me!
michael: stop!
brother: why’d you take my Capri Sun?!
michael: stop! give me my camera! nooo!

this man is married now

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Best backstory. (x)

You know…for a second there…his head shape led me to believe he could be Phineas’s father.

whA T


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21 Amazing Facts About Tigers

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;v; giant cats! <3 I want one.

i want pet tiger

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Nanuqsaurus. by Frank-Lode

“Polar bear lizard”
Family: Tyrannosauridae
Time: Late Cretaceous (69.1Ma)
Location: Alaska, USA
Size (length): ~6m (20ft)

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"There’s something about the cosmic perspective, which for some people is enlightening and for other people it’s terrifying. For those who are terrified by it, they’re here on earth and they have a certain self-identity, and then they learn that earth is tiny and we’re in this void of interplanetary space and then there’s a star that we call the Sun and that’s kind of average and there’s a hundred billion other stars in a galaxy. And our galaxy, the Milky Way, is one of 50 or 100 billion other galaxies in the universe. And with every step, every window that modern astrophysics has opened to our mind, the person who wants to feel like they’re the center of everything ends up shrinking. And for some people they might even find it depressing, I assert that if you were depressed after learning and being exposed to the perspective, you started your day with an unjustifiably large ego. You thought more highly of yourself than in fact the circumstances deserved."


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Truth. Spread it.

S.O.S.  (Save Our Sharks!)

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